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Research & Whitepapers:

Media & Entertainment Industry: An Overview
(August 2014)

Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry is in a transformation phase as both old and new continues to coexist. Interactivity, digitization, multiple-platforms, multiple-devices and globalization of services based landscape has remodeled the media and entertainment vertical over the last decade.

Time for a rethink: Visa Issues Require New Approach to Transition Plans
(July 2012)

Temporary work visas are an established and central component of the offshore outsourced service delivery model. Service providers have traditionally relied on visas to quickly bring skilled resources on board to staff a project during the critical transition phase of a new initiative.

This ISG white paper examines recent trends and data around visa policies, application and rejection rates, service provider strategies and the implications of these trends for transition plans. The author also outlines steps that both client organizations and service providers need to take to adjust to ongoing changes in the sourcing environment, specifically with respect to the transition phase of new initiatives.

The Bangalore Story: Becoming the Outsourcing Capital of the World

(April 2010)

The persistent dynamism of Bangalore as the “Outsourcing Capital of the World” ever since the wave of globalization and liberalization came into India in the early 1990s is extraordinary to say the least. The city has come a long way from being the education hub in the south of India to being one of the strongest talent magnets in the country. Numerous papers and substantial research over the years has indicated the inherent strengths of the city which catapulted its development as the Silicon Valley of India. However, rarely has the enhanced pace of its evolution/growth been traced due to the ‘steroid like’ impact provided by planned, and at times even unintentional factors, that made the phenomenon called “Bangalored.” This article attempts to understand not only the inherent strengths of the city but also the agents of change that transformed the unknown capital of the state of Karnataka into the Outsourcing Capital of the World.

Outsourcing: Expansion by Diversification
(November 2008)

Diversification is the strategy for reducing the risk of investing in a single industry, market or a small number of companies, by spreading the risk over several industries, markets or a larger number of companies.

Has Outsourcing adopted Diversification as a strategic vehicle and is this evolving into a sustainable trend?

Reverse Offshoring: Trend or Strategy
(June 2008)

As the offshore outsourcing industry continues to mature, a question becomes increasingly relevant, “Are we seeing a trend of geographical reversal in the technology-based services industry, like other technology-oriented businesses have witnessed in the past?”

Indian firms who succeeded in offshoring are now hiring employees, launching operations and establishing base in their clients’ own backyards. This paper tries to understand the motive of these firms and this phenomenon.

Opportunities in Media & Entertainment
(November 2007)

Technology has given the impetus to Media & Entertainment Industry to move towards a higher level of convergence. As the need for interactivity in entertainment increases – the forces of globalization come to the foray to aid in the process and development of Media & Entertainment.

In the Globalization Era, the next evolutionary step is towards offshoring the processes involved to enhance operational efficiency and move towards more economical content production techniques which will further utilize the untapped potential and move towards economies of scale and scope.

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